Academic Year (20-21)(21-22)




With the advent of the internet era, reading habit is on the decline among the younger generation. The school believes in enhancing the learning capabilities and reading skills of the students with the help of the library, which is well stacked with more than 10,000 books on a wide range of fields to cater to the requirements of the students. It is located in a strategic place so that it is accessible to students and faculty alike. It is equipped with up-to-date materials from National and International publishers. The mind of the student gets broadened and he commands better grasp over the subject. He starts to think in a new dimension altogether. A student can develop his literary skills by reading rare books of literature. The academic magazines and periodicals keep the student aware of the latest development around the world. The school plans to provide state of the art-library with digital facilities


A spacious, full fledged English lab which is equipped with the latest software, called ‘ENGLISH MENTOR’ is used to enhance the speaking and listening skills of the students and also to enable them to pass exams like TOEFL & IELTS



The main server in the knowledge centre is the store house of knowledge. The contents of the software are drawn from various national and international boards of school education and it largely facilitates all the teachers to provide the best education available in the country to all the students.


The labs have been designed and equipped to supplement and complement the classroom learning. The Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are very spacious with modern facilities and are equipped with the required materials for better understanding of the concepts learnt in the classroom.







Zion school has a reputed health care provision. A clinic is setup in the school campus to attend to any emergency. Doctors, paramedical staff and a stand-alone ambulance are always present in the campus. A thorough medical examination is carried out for every student periodically. Health awareness programme , Social , Psychological and Environmental related programmes are carried out. Parents are advised to consult their family doctors for preventive vaccines for Typhoid, Jaundice, Chicken-pox, Malaria, Dengue, Conjunctivitis etc..


Keeping in mind the challenges faced by the parents in bringing about stress free environment at home, the school facilitates regular counselling sessions for students and parents.



All the school owned vehicles are fitted with GPS that helps the parents know of the arrival and the departure of the bus in which their ward travels.


• Students who alight later are to occupy the last rows of seats
• Avoid keeping the hand or head outside the bus which might turn out to
be fatal
• Intimate the class teacher /HM/Principal , if any defect / damage is
seen in the bus
• Students should not stand near the doorway of the bus.
• Tampering or damaging the seats or any other parts of the bus will lead
to cancellation of bus facility with a fine
• Follow queue system while getting into the bus.
• If the bus facility is to be withdrawn, intimate the transport in-
charge, N.R.Enterprises well in advance in writing.
• The selection of pickup and drop point should be in such a way that
students do not run the risk of crossing the road
• Don’t cross the road to board / alight the bus.
• ID card is to be worn everyday.

Rules and Procedures for students availing bus facility

• Stay well off the roadway at all times while waiting for the arrival of the bus.
• Do not approach the bus, until it stands still. While entering, move quickly to your seat using the hand rail
• Do not leave your seat, stand up or kneel on your seat while the bus is in motion.
• Remain in the bus in the event of a road emergency until instructions are given by the driver.
• Keep your hands and arms inside the bus at all times.
• Avoid loud talking, laughing or making unnecessary comments which can avert the driver’s attention.
• Observe safety precautions at all pickup and drop points.


In order to enable the school to communicate with the parents effectively, the SMS facility is used to inform about the daily home work and leave of absence of the ward. In case of change of mobile number, parents must intimate the school office or class teacher through diary immediately, as SMS is a vital link between the School and the Parents.


Highly purified R.O. water is provided to the students and staff of our school.

Aavin Milk

Milk is the wholesome food for growing children. For the benefit of the children and to encourage the habit of drinking milk, an AAVIN milk parlour, a Government of Tamil Nadu undertaking, now functions in the campus, which provides pure and tasty milk. Children of class I to V are provided with Aavin milk.


A glass of milk everyday keeps the children hale and healthy